Did you know, October is national safety month in Oz?The year that’s been…

Ironically, at the beginning of October, we had a big house fire due to some welding being done in our bathroom (yeah sux big time - house needs to be gutted & contents all contaminated with asbestos). 

Yet what happens when you experience tragedies like this, is that you quickly get perspective on what matters most!

What matters most is that no one was hurt or injured. Everything material can be replaced and we have amazing family & friends supporting us.

Sometimes in the workplace though, we are not so lucky. People take short cuts, are rushing to get stuff done and people get hurt and sometimes die. Safety is not just looking after the  physical safety of our employees & colleagues, but the psychological safety as well.

This is a growing issue in this country with bullying and stress levels on the rapid rise. A recent case demonstrates this when a police woman sadly took her own life at a Melbourne police station. According to Safe Work Australia, in 2014, 188 employees were killed at work!

So given it’s the last week of National Safety month, let’s get us focussed on our role in keeping ourselves & our team mates safe at work (physically & psychologically), so that everyone can feel safe, be respected, go home & live their life (that’s what matters most).

I came across these innovative resources from Work Safe Queensland to help employers focus their employees on safety at work for the right reasons.


Work safe for the moments that matter:

Notice they speak to the heart, not the head! How much more effective is this approach!

It’s pretty simple don’t you think? Work safe, be safe to enjoy the moments that really matter!

Take care, be safe!




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Safe work australia

Safe Work Australia leads the development of national policy to improve work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements across Australia.

Visit their website to find out more on what they do and supports they provide for all Australian workers. Don't forget to check out their National Safe Work Month