It’s a simple question.

If it’s so simple, why can it be so damn hard to answer - honestly anyway? It’s the big question Michelle Bridges poses in her keynote speech, she constantly challenges her audience to answer, "what do you want?”.

After spending a few weeks on the road speaking at the PA Summits alongside the likes of Michelle Bridges, David Koch, David Koch & Cathy Burke, I can’t get the damn question out of my head.

What do you want?

Why is it that we are very clear on what we don’t want…“I don’t want to look stupid”, “I don’t want to fail”, “I don’t want them to get angry at me”, “I don’t want to put on weight”...

Great, so we’re crystal clear on what we don’t want - but what do you want? 

Whilst on this roadshow, I had the pleasure of running a stack of EA Masterclasses (99% of whom were fabulous female PA & EA’s, you know, the ones who are really running the companies) where we ran a pretty cool (slightly morbid, yet challenging) activity.

The participants had to write their own obituary. Yep! We fast forwarded in time & had to capture what we wanted people to be saying about us at our funeral.

Have you ever thought about that? About what you want the people you really care about to say about you?

1. The words they would use to describe you.
2. About how you lived your life. 
3. About the person you were.
4. What you were passionate about.
5. Who you impacted.
6. What you cared about?

In 'Fault in Our Stars' one of the main characters goes one step further when he/she invites themselves to their own pre-funeral (warning! a box or 3 of kleenex tissues is needed for that scene!).

Here’s the good news: If you discover the gap between what you want people to say & what they might currently say is rather big... then that’s Ok…

It’s simple, choose to: 
Change something today! Do something differently today, in order to create a change for tomorrow.

The first step is to decide what it is you want, so what are you waiting for?




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