We all know how powerful words can be. 

When used well, they have to power to inspire us and build us up; and 
when misused they have the power to paralyse us and tear us dow

This quick clip from the recent PGA tour demonstrates just how powerful words can be, when used for good. It also highlights the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people, who encourage us to be our best so that we can step up and do amazing things. 

Please do yourself a favour and take 3 minutes out of your busy life, grab yourself a cuppa (& maybe a tissue, I get tears in my eyes everytime I watch it) to enjoy this beautiful clip.

Amy, you really are awesome!

Make sure you label yourself and your team or loved ones as superstars and remember, when in doubt, remind yourself “You got this!”

Until next time,



BLYTHE ROWE & Her Life on Heels.

The founder and director of Human Incite, is widely recognised for her passion, energy and her ability to shake things up. Blythe is brilliant at revving-up productivity and performance in organisations. She is on a mission to rid our workplaces of toxic behaviours, build meaningful relationships, personally and professionally and create workplaces worth belonging. Her enthusiasm simply is infectious!