important things

Before we start to work together, which we are really excited about, please take look over the following terms and conditions to ensure we are on the same page.


1. Engagement Agreement

Acknowledgement of this agreement via email and/or payment of the confirmation invoice indicates and confirms your agreement to all of our terms and conditions including any customised conditions which has been agreed upon.

  • General inclusion in the agreement

Professional services fees are provided as a guide for budgeting purposes only, and may vary according to your specific context. The amounts quoted do not allow for expenses directly related to the activity (flights, transfers, accommodations, venue hire, catering or any printing/digital materials) and will be added where appropriate.

  • Special Rates & Currency

Special rates might apply including public speaking on weekends or public holidays. Special rates might apply for different types of organisations and for bundled bookings and roadshows (we are happy to be savvy). All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and apply to engagements within Australia & New Zealand only.

  • International Engagement & Traveling (New Zealand excluded)

All international engagements attract a higher fee, but again, we can be savvy. In order to ensure optimal performance of the speaker, we require business class airfares for over 5 hours flights to any international destinations from Sydney, Australia. For the same reason, we will require a minimum day early arrival with accommodation for any international events. 

2. Design & Customisation

Our amazing creative team design and build all Blythe's materials including keynotes, workbooks, digital materials, video and marketing materials for our clients to use. 

  • Customisation and Co-branding

We provide customisation and co-branding on facilitation materials for clients who opt in for the customisation option. This includes co-branding, design element update to suit the client and their audience. Our team may contact you to request design elements needed (such as client logo). We also include client's internal policy information or/and contact details provided when requested. 

  • Printing & Shipping

We organise printing as all our materials require design process. Our design team determines the printing turnover time into their production schedule. We have been working with our amazing, cost-effective printer partner in Queensland and we can assure you that they are awesome team, who consistently deliver outstanding work.

We use TNT Courier Service for all our shipping as it allows us to keep track of all our packages to our clients. Our team organises all shipping in advance to ensure delivery time. Please provide our team with all shipping details and instructions necessary to ensure safe delivery. 

  • Building from scratch

Blythe also work with clients to build programs from scratch for large rollouts. In these cases, development costs will incur and be added to the commencement invoice.

3. Payment Terms

All fees quoted are based the proposal and are valid for 30 days only. 

As any booking effectively removes Blythe Rowe from the market for the agreed date(s), payment of a 50% confirmation invoice is required to secure your booking. This will also allow Blythe to commence with any research, preparation, tailoring and support required for your event. A completion invoice will be emailed to you directly after the successful engagement and unless otherwise stated, is payable within 14 days.

  • Commencement Payment & Confirmation

For all engagements require at least 50% of the total quoted fee to secure and confirm your booking (with the balance due upon successful commencement of the engagement). 

  • Additional Costs

All reasonable out-of-pocket expenses related engagements are additional, but stated in the proposal (so there won't be any nasty suprises). This may include transfers to airports, meals, parking and printing materials as required. 

  • Invoices

Any additional expenses will be included in the final invoice provided within 14 days after the conclusion of your event. Please note that we do not provide scanned copies of tax receipts for expenses unless you specify this as a requirement upon confirmation of the engagement.

  • Remittance Advice

Please send remittance advice or anything related to payment to our Support Team at support@blytherowe.com

4. Cancellation &/or Postponement

We understand things happen in life, and we will be understanding and fair. Any case of cancellation, please do let us know as far in advance as possible, to avoid the additional fee charges.

  • Cancellation by Client

Cancellations made within 6 weeks of the agreed commencement date will result in a charge of the 50% of the total booking fee. Any cancellations made within 14 days of the agreed commencements date will result in a charge of the full booking fee (plus any printing expense that may have already been paid).

  • Postponements by Client

Postponements or changes to scope with more than 6 weeks notice will result in a charge of 50% of the total cost, unless negotiated. Any postponements with less than 14 days will result in a charge of full booking fee.

Postponements for multiple events, there will be no additional fee charges when the re-schedule of the event occurs within the duration of the project or within 3 months from the agreed commencement date. Postponements or changes to scope, additional fee charge will occur:

a) fee of $2,500 when re-schedule within 6 months, b) fee of $5,500 when re-scheduled within 12 months, and c) fee of $7,500 when re-scheduled after 12 months.  

Any additional charges regarding cancellation and postponements will be added to the final invoice. 

  • In case of an unfortunate event

In the extremely unlikely event of cancellation by Blythe Rowe, all fees paid will be refunded immediately, or invested in credit towards an alternative event.

5. Travel and Accommodation

We generally prefer to make all our travel and accommodation bookings ourselves as Blythe’s itinerary is often complex. This also allows us to book most economical flights and accommodation available at the time of purchase to benefit our clients. Trust me, Blythe is pretty thrifty (she comes from a low cost operator background) so always looking for best value.

  • Flights

For all work outside Sydney, Australia, travel expenses including flights and accommodation are additional. Blythe requires fully flexible flights, or business class for all flights longer than 5 hours duration. This includes all international flights from Sydney, except New Zealand. 

  • Accommodation

Blythe requires to stay close to the event venue to avoid further travel cost and possible delays caused by traffic. This will also allow Blythe to have more time to set up and test her equipment should she need to prior to the event. She likes to be super organised so your event can run as calmly as possible.

  • Additional Cost

Any additional fees and penalties charged by travel operators, due to changes requested by the client will be added to the final invoice. 

6. Other little things

  • Filming, Interview, Q&A and Keynote Slides

With keynote speaking such as events and conferences, you may record Blythe. We may provide a PDF version of selected keynote slides for your audience if requested. We appreciate advance notice of any filming, interview, photo session, access to keynote slides etc. to allow Blythe to prepare her time and resources in advance. 

  • Model Release and Permissions

By engaging Blythe, you have acknowledged and agreed to consent to be filmed, photographed, quotes and release Blythe Rowe and Human Incite from any copyright or/and any legal liability to use the filmed footages, photographs and quotes in all our promotional activity.

  • Setup & Equipment

To ensure your audience receives the best value, Blythe has specific AV requirements for events. These are covered in ‘Setup & Equipment’ PDF. Please revise and inform us if there are any issues well in advance.

  • Liability and Legality

Advice by Blythe Rowe and the team at Human Incite is general in nature. By proceeding with confirmation, you agree to release Blythe and all Human Incite representatives from any and all liability.

  • Contact

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team support@blytherowe.com