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Connection Cards

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Create meaningful connections personally & professionally.

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Connection Card

Create meaningful connection with people.

Remember how good it was to open the mail & get a handwritten letter or card? Do you even remember them? Nothing beats the surprise of getting a hand written note from someone who cares. To be fair, we are all busy, so sometimes, it's just all too hard don't you think!? Our connection cards make it easier than ever to show someone you care. These quirky, fun & unique postcards are the perfect way for you to connect with someone personally or professionally. Whether it's to say hi, thanks, congratulate them on a job well done or welcome them to the team, our connection cards have the perfect card for all sorts of occasions. 

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Each of our Connection Card bundles include a set of 10 cards with mixed message to Give More of your attention & love, Dose Up on compliments & appreciation and connect with people to Boost Belonging. Choose any of our bundled package or a complete pack for a surprise. 

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